Back in 2009 we were handed the delicate task of rebranding Twistos, a young promising brand of baked snacks that had been created and launched a couple of years before in Chile and Argentina by the worldwide snack leader PEPSICO.

A repositioning process was set off to fuel business performance. The overall goal was to seize the opportunity of a deeper identification of the brand with the incipient green consciousness slowly sprouting in the region and the growing healthy lifestyle trends, whose early-adopters were mainly young adult female consumers.

In tight collaboration with the client´s Marketing and Consumer Insights teams, and the award winning ad agency BBDO ( www.bbdo.com ), we started our project planning with a thorough research on the target´s cultural behavior and consumption habits, local and international competitive landscape and category references, and we ran a simple evaluation on how to leverage Green and Health&Wellness macrotrends for brand building.

Feminine sensitivity, simplicity, honesty, and a very visual communication language were found as the main concepts to work with in order to make Twistos a daily option for healthy snacking.
.Brand Logo

We kept Twistos logo adjustments subtle and strictly focused on the essential, to avoid confusing the already established loyal consumer base.

The substitution of yellow in favor of green as brand color, and some minor typographic modifications to turn the brand mood away from the traditional salty snacks world were the cornerstone of a detailed design change that would successfully change the voice and image of the brand.

The flashy 0% Trans Fat claim accompanied the transformation and was replaced by an iconic green leaf to harness the natural source of ingredients as a brand statement. On top of that, we decided for a qualitative and more meaningful way to claim the attribute, turning “0% of…” into “Free of…” (“Libre de…”) in order to avoid associations to Diet-related products, and to boost the indulgent wellbeing promise of the brand.

(Don´t be fooled, the right tiny details can make a huge difference!)
.Packaging Makeover

Following the directions already stated, the package gained on simplicity, boldness, cleanness and a delicate hint of femininity to address the main shopper target.

Back panel communication was updated, adopting a new visual language.
.Go visual!

To stay visually relevant and appealing we developed a proprietary visual language based on iconic hand-drawn illustrations, and worked with crème-de-la-crème food stylists and photographers to make flavor imagery stand out.