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In 2011 we were comissioned the design of Quaker Chewy cereal bars boxes for the Mexican market, fueled by a growing concern for children┬┤s nutritional health and education.

Packaging communication had to work on 2 levels simultaneously:

- engaging the main shopper, a parent concerned with product quality and nutritional value. In this level we leveraged the Quaker brand attribtues and made sure to convey a clear, relevant, rational message to underline product functional attributes.

- interacting with the actual consumer, kids, whose experience had to be made as enjoyable as possible, including a high impact and fun visual appeal, tasty promess, great product delivery, and meaningful post-product experience (educational playable activities) to build a long lasting relationship.

In-pack communication was fine tuned to equalize the proper balance between rational and emotional messages.
A functional, school-oriented back panel with clear nutritional information serves as countepoint to the funny character illustrating the front.

Working for kids, a very fertile soil, we explored the potential background for brand storytelling and character development.