The success of the relaunching of Twistos Minitostaditas that we were proudly part of was the foundation for business expansion.

We teamed up with the Marketing department to develop the roadmap to transform Twistos into an umbrella brand with a multi-category portfolio of tasty baked products. These were to be launched in the market gradually to expand the brand┬┤s category reach with each new step of the process.

We opted for a very flexible graphic system to allow each product of the portfolio to stand out in its proper competitive landscape, be a relevant player within the codes of its category, and achieve a clear communication of its particular differential attributes. Nevertheless, to make the future brand portfolio work as a whole we kept close attention to maintain a strong ownable look&feel.

Twistos Sentidos was the first product to join the original Minitostaditas. It was launched in Chile as a special edition of gourmet flavors.

Twistos Tostaditas marked the debut of the brand in a completely new consumption occasion: breakfast. These toast snacks were introduced in Argentina and Chile to shake up with flavor a commoditized and dull category.

Twistos Bastoncitos stretched the presence of the brand at the table. These bread sticks with in-dough seeds and natural flavor ingredients tapped on a traditional and well established consumption habit as a common lunch/dinner enhancer.

These daily toasts with a twist were designed to outperform the traditional toasted bread category. The natural flavor ingredients and its spreadable size reinforced Twistos presence at breakfast, mid-morning, and mid- afternoon as a full blown bread brand.
.De La Huerta

Once firmly established as a bread and toast brand, Twistos launched De La Huerta aired crackers as the perfect balance between the healthy lightness of the cracker world, and the tasty indulgence of snacks.

Breathing fresh air into a classic product, Twistos Semillas made seed crackers fun thanks to a seed-packed bite-sized mini cracker ready to be snacked.