Following our Twistos bread snacks ReBranding back in 2009, we were commissioned the development of the brand image at retail (supermarkets, and convenience stores in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay).

The overall objective was to take the brand´s visual simplicity, subtle femininity, and its “green” lifestyle values to the point of purchase in a minimal, uncluttered way.

We aimed for an institutional identity without any particular product communication in order to provide Twistos with a tool flexible enough to coexist with future product launches.

Leveraging Twistos’ motto (“your natural break”) we identified POP material as the right opportunity to sustain that statement, and proposed an image light and clean enough to serve as a visual buffer to keep supermarket noise away from the brand´s products. The idea was to provide a quieter and more relaxed shopper experience to convey Twistos attributes from every angle.

Graphic execution was held simple, modern, and with a strong presence of the white and pale green tones as the main institutional palette.

The multiplicity of resulting graphic pieces was produced in low-cost eco-friendly materials to get an easy and wide brand coverage across the various channels involved. Below, a few examples.
.Custom Rack

To reinforce Twistos healthy baked product attributes and properly engage its shopper target PEPSICO needed to distance Twistos from the rest of the company´s snack portfolio. As part of the strategy we developed a range of custom racks to gain proprietary in-store presence.

The resulting design concept revolves around the green and natural key attributes of the brand, for which we worked with wood and whicker materials. Our industrial design team at VAG closely collaborated with Libson specialists ( www.libsongroup.com ) throughout the technical development and prototyping phases to ensure the accurate translation of the brand message to the actual mass production.

As a special limited edition we contacted a local fair trade regional cooperative to supply a premium handcrafted whicker version of these racks ( www.losmimbreros.com.ar ).