As a complement to the Twistos institutional POP material, and in order to support the launch of Twistos De La Huerta and Twistos Tostadas we were briefed to develop their POP graphic communication, focusing on the differential value these products had to offer to the existing product portfolio.
.Tostadas Strategy

To establish Twistos in a new subcategory (toasted bread) the communication leveraged its core consumption occasion, breakfast.

The project had to grasp the sense of daily, homey, comfort moment that is breakfast with the added flavorful natural ingredients added by Twistos to a tasteless and commoditized category.
.Tostadas Proposal

Graphics were developed closely based on the newcomer packaging as an obvious strategy to build awareness.
A watercolor table cloth pattern and handmade illustrations serves as the perfect breakfast context for the product shot to stand out.

We found on “spreadability” a great feature to claim the differential value of these big-sized toasts regarding the bite-sized products ruling the existing Twistos portfolio offer, and at the same time a good anchor to be believable in the bread toast competitive landscape.
.Tostadas Graphics

The resulting graphics revolve around the product shot, adding indulgence and color to the brand´s institutional POP communication.
De La Huerta Strategy

De la Huerta embodies the quintessential balance offered by Twistos: light and natural as a cracker, flavorful and munchable as any bite-sized snack worth snacking :) , plus the added value of 100% natural ingredients.
.De La Huerta Proposal

Once again, graphics were developed based on the newcomer packaging as an obvious strategy to build awareness.
A mix of floating photographic product and veggies on a country side background is the pillar of this tiny piece of branded storytelling.
.De La Huerta Graphics

Two different versions of the original graphic concept were implemented in a lapse of a few months in different countries, for different channels, to ensure in both cases a product launch support with the best possible fit to the competitive landscape.