.Have fun!

Quaker Chewy Xmas and Halloween limited edition cereal bars were launched in late 2011 in Mexico to keep a high profile on the shelves, 6 months after a very successful launch.

These designs resulted in improved shelf impact, they kept the product relevant in these particular periods, and deepened the emotional link between kids and the brand, leveraging the brand's character.
.Added value

Both packages propose a fun, playful, interactive experience to add value to this special proposal.

Regarding the parent-shopper these features reinforce the perceived high quality that goes hand in hand with Quaker's endorsement.

For the kid, main consumer, packaging interaction and playful reuse expands the consuming experience and help redefine the enjoyment associated with
the product proposal.

Theme-oriented visual language and illustrations were carefully developed to work with the brand spirit.
.Ho Ho Ho!

Again, everithing was custom-taylored to avoid "standard clipart" feeling
(sadly, a very common mistake found on holiday season brand communications).